I Eat God

by Amy Martin (c)


I eat God. Creator and creation are all the same to me. The divine is everywhere, but especially beneath my feet. Every step is a prayer. I am of this Earth, this land, these fields that grow my grain and vegetables, that nourish the cattle that give me milk. The rain that makes these fields verdant is the water I drink, from their oxygen comes my ability to breathe, From the moment I first received food, all this became a part of me, my muscles and bones, my heart and organs, down to a cellular level. I am the land and all the divinity that infuses it. Symbiosis.

We humans are such bright creatures, we have many tools and toys, we build soaring achievements, we test the bounds of possibility time and again. We achieve because it is our drive as humans. We seek the divine because it is our drive as humans. From our earthly origins arose a myriad of spiritual perceptions and philosophical constructions, some of great exactitude and sophistication. Yet we move so fast, stay so busy, we forget the elemental, the entry, the root of our existence: our connection to the Earth. To say grace before our food is to remember.

 “If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.” ~ Eckhart Tolle