Book: Holy Smoke

This is exactly the kind of book that I want to see more of – not rehashes of the same old stuff, a bunch of reworked Culpeper and Cunningham. In this book, we get an innovative collection of ideas with enough information to effectively put them into practice, but without a bunch of fluff and filler. In short–this is an awesome book and I can’t recommend it enough.

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Holy Smoke: Loose Herbs & Hot Embers for Intense Group Smudges & Smoke Prayers

by Amy Martin

This is a book for anyone wanting to purify or offer prayers using herbal smoke.

Burn special blends of loose herbs on hot barbeque charcoal to discover a new method for smudges and ceremonies rooted in the ancient Mesoamerican tradition of immersion smudging.

Go far beyond the usual smudge sticks. Utilize woods, resins, leaves, and even seeds and flowers for smudges that create billows of aromatic smoke to purify several people at once. Make lunar, solar, masculine, feminine smudges and more.

This book is a must for shamans and ceremony leaders!

Create powerful aromatic rituals with smoke prayer blends for ceremonial occasions including memorials, initiations, and divinations, plus honoring the Moon, Sun and seasons. Enhance shamanic rituals such as releasing, manifesting and spirit invocating.

All presented in an easy to use recipe format, with clear instructions on working with herbs and a great herb glossary.

Fire impaired?

Learn how to use insta-light charcoal bags and a small hibachi for a quick ceremony with no mess.

Think it’s bad for the environment?

Not with new eco options in charcoal and lighter fluid.

What others are saying:

The reader feels like he or she is having a friendly chat about herbs. Martin’s slight sardonic sense of humor entertains the reader on a topic which could be a bit dry. Her directions are easy to follow… tone and style are comfortable and easy to read. Her techniques are unique and convenient for use by nearly anyone. It is obvious she has used the techniques extensively and has put a lot of research and time into this book. Quality shows.

Eileen Troemel

I love your “Spirit Herbs” book. It’s really great and so well put together. The illustrations and pictures are so well done, the charts and recipes are great and easy to use. It’s really a joy to work with. I love it! Being able to look up an individual herb in the detailed compendium and finding not only its botanical name and aroma but also its planetary ruler, element and sexuality. The different blends you have created makes this book a breeze to use every day.
Linda Petty