Amy Martin selected to write Wild DFW: Explore the Amazing Nature Around Dallas-Fort Worth

Timber Press contracted Amy Martin to write Wild DFW: Explore the Amazing Nature Around Dallas-Fort Worth, to be released on August 29, 2023. The book will cover Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant counties and will feature more than 30 detailed maps and over 350 images from area photographers. It is a follow-up to Timber’s popular Wild LA and part of a series that includes Wild Houston, Wild Miami, and Wild Philly. 

Cover art by Mariell Guzman.

The first part details North Texas’ natural history, ecology, and weather. A middle section features a quirky field guide to over 100 interesting species of plants, animals, and insects. The final part offers 25 adventures in North Texas nature, presented through hikes with the people who know the area best.

Nature is more than someplace we visit — it’s where we live. Discover North Texas’s rare prairies, diverse bottomland forests, limestone escarpments, wetlands, and more, as well as the river that defines us, the Trinity. Learn how this area arose from a primordial inland sea, how its varied layers of bedrock create its diversity, and how it serves as an ecotone linking eastern forests to western plains.

Wild DFW will also examine invasive species, nature after dark, the world of creeks and ponds, migration of birds and bugs, citizen science, urban ecology, and how you can turn your backyard into wildlife habitat.

But Wild DFW is about far more than the landscape. The book comes alive with a community of people who are devoted to preserving and appreciating the land where they live. Many found deep healing through nature. Others found their life’s true purpose. Their stories will inspire you. Through them, you’ll discover the issues facing the urban environment and how you can help while having a great time.

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Photography by naturalists showcases an intimacy and familiarity that brings nature alive. I am immensely grateful to all these photographers.

Primary photographers who went above and beyond, taking assignments and making extra efforts: Adam Cochran, Chris Emory, Denver Kramer, Stalin SM, and especially Daniel Koglin.

Photographers who shot specific places for the book: Grady Hinton (TRAC), Michael Puttonen (Cedar Ridge Preserve), Vijay Tanwar (Cedar Ridge Preserve), Clay Thurmond (Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center), Denise Thompson (Ray Roberts Lake State Park), Jennifer Weisensel (Ned and Genie Fritz Buckeye Trail), and Diane Wetherbee (Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center).

Photographers who opened their archives to use in the book: Scott Carson Ausburn (Tarrant County), Bob Brennan (Arlington), Meghan Cassidy (wildlife), Carol Clark (plants and bees), Julie Custer (wildlife), Nick DiGennaro (birds), Tracey Fandre (wildlife), Sonnia Hill (flowers and plants), Kala Murphy King (wildlife), Annika Lindqvist (wildlife), Nick Mirro (plants and wildlife), Carey Newton (rivers and wildlife), Teresa Patterson (Trinity River), Randall Patterson (birds), Rajiv Roy (White Rock Lake), Roger Sanderson (reptiles and wildlife), Karin Saucedo (wildlife), and Don Young (Tandy Hills Natural Area and backyard wildlife).

Assorted and specialty photographers: Jim Bagley (trees), BatWorld MidCities (bats), Andrew Brinker (turtles), Zachary Chapman (wildlife), Kim Conrow (monarch waystation), Sean Fitzgerald (Lights Out bird strike victims), Brent Franklin, Carol Garrison, Jeffrey Gladden (Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge), Edd Goodson, Steve Houser (trees), Stephanie Jennings, Cindy Kearney (pollinator garden), Brian Knabe, Samantha Knight (Twelve Hills Nature Center), Sara van der Leek (box turtles), Alan R. Lusk, Mary Morrow (pond), Michael A. Smith (reptiles), Scooter Smith (trees), Tom Streetman (Ladonia Fossil Park), Elaine White, and Tom Willard (Cedar Ridge Preserve).

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