Resources: Trinity River & Great Trinity Forest


• Groundwork Dallas

Nonprofit dedicated to preserving and improving access to the Great Trinity Forest, the Trinity River, White Rock Creek and the Elm Fork Green Belt.


• Dallas County Open Space

Over 20, mostly undeveloped, open space preserves. Some are quite wild naturally and a few are in areas with security issues. On this map, #8 and #9 are in the Great Trinity Forest, and #10 and #10 are in the southern Trinity greenbelt.


• Happy Trails Dallas 

Dallas Parks & Recreation trail map site with two trails in the Great Trinity Forest.


Trinity River Audubon Center 

Beautiful educational center on a sleepy section of the Trinity. Excellent river access. Short easy trails, including a few boardwalks and bridges, that wind through a spectrum of habitats. Activities and special events include guided walks and float trips.


• Trinity River Corridor

Long on generalities and glossy developer dreams, a little short on specifics, but best source of access info so far.


Map by Scooter Smith