Mosquito Proof Your Yard

Lessen your mosquito load with this NoSkito Campaign. Amazon and links provided, but you can buy these products in many places.


Yard Treatments

Treating your yard will not 100% trounce mosquitoes, but will reduce them enough that bug suckers, candles and personal repellents have a vastly greater chance of working effectively.

Prevent Larvae from Hatching

Mosquito Bits & Dunks
Bacillus thuringiensis bacteria that prevent mosquito eggs from hatching into larvae. Place the dunks in standing water like ponds and puddles. Sprinkle the granules  in all flowerbeds, moist soil places, flowerpot saucers, pavement cracks. Water in after applying, give it a couple days to start working. Lasts about a month at first, but as it builds up in the soil you need less and it lasts longer.


Kill Larvae and Live Mosquitoes

Insect Repellent Garlic Barrier
Spray this on all sod, beds, and exposed soil. Kills both larval and live mosquitoes. Smell goes away quickly. Give it a couple days to start working on larvae. Lasts about a month.


Kill Larvae and Deter Live Mosquitoes

Cedarcide Insect Repelling Mulch

Spread thoroughly on all sod, beds, and exposed soil. Kills mosquito larvae and repels mosquitoes, but also kills good bugs and worms as well. Smell lingers, but it’s nice. Goes to work immediately. Lasts about a month.


Bug Suckers

Dyntrap Insect Trap
Mosquitoes do not have a sense of smell. They locate you by the carbon dioxide of your exhale. These traps emit more CO2 than you — we call ours the Cow — so mosquitoes go there instead of you and the trap sucks them up. May take several attempts to find the right place for the trap, depending on prevailing winds and bug flight patterns. Not effective alone for heavy infestations.


Bug Repellents – Small Area

Conceal candles by Yankee Candle
Conceal candles mask your exhale so mosquitoes can not find you. If citronella candle smoke is effective enough to deter mosquitoes, it’s not doing your lungs any good. These have a slight pleasant smell and no smoke.


Mosquito Coils by Coleman