Women’s RED New Moon: Photos from 2020

On the second New Moon after Winter Solstice, mid-point to Spring Equinox, we can finally feel the lengthening days and the power of the Earth rising in the surging roots and budding stems. The ancient Chinese were wise to select this New Moon to be their New Year. Off on 20 years, and annually since 2014, a select group of power women committed to the transformative effect of ceremony gather on this date. We dress in ALL RED and enjoy RED food and beverage and gather in my abode (aka the RED Temple) that is festooned in RED.

We head down the Vagina Hall draped entirely in RED to focus us on the birthing ahead. It even has feather pubes at the entrance! We do a rousing good purification smudge with shakers and chants, chasing away the unneeded, unwanted and outgrown from the prior year. Then smoke prayers with herbal offerings grant us an opportunity to manifest dreams for a new year. We form a RED birthing canal and each goes through to chants of blessings from the canal women, and finish with a spritzing of water from divine feminine wells of Great Britain. To conclude, we attach RED prayer to the Prayer Tree.

Adorning the RED Temple 

The dancing cat festooned with lights and beads, waring the pink pussy hat, a veteran of many women’s marches.
Our RED dragon is ready to go.


Chinese New Year decorations, meant to invoke wealth, were everywhere.
The RED altar.
The Vagina Hall, with its RED feather pubes, awaits. (Photo from last year.) 

Gather the RED Women





Smudge & Smoke Prayers Ceremony

Her first smudge!
Invoking the smoke
Oneness with smoke.


Circling the power.

No photos from the smoke prayers for manifestation, divine feminine water spritzing, or prayer-tree ties — got too caught up in the RED energy! But Suzanna Brown did send in these great ones of the RED birthing canal.

The blessings ensue!
The birthing.
The birth!



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