3 Blondes Arctic Summer Party – Aug 2018

Your hosts: Kristi Kerr Leonard, Amy Martin & Ann Willis-Brown    

August 18 Saturday ~ 6 pm to midnight   ~ Amy’s abode  

Rainstorms and bad traffic tried to dampen our party, but we wouldn’t let it. Well, it did keep us inside, except for the prodigious amount of people we managed to cram on the rain porch. Sparkler madness was mostly kiboshed. The raccoons stayed in their dry abodes, so we will try another time to scandalize them.

We were having too much fun and forgot to take many pictures. But here’s what we’ve got. Thanks to Linda Cooke for some of these,

The Guests

Carolyn tells a tale and cracks Stalin up. Sai is bemused.


Linda Pelon (co-author of Comanche Marker Trees of Texas) and pal Kathy.


More blondes!
Peace back atcha!


This N TX Master Naturalists table was cackling all night


Complementing the decor
Idea exchange in process.

The Kitchen/Bar

On a rainy night, the kitchen was the place to be. Note the containers of cocktails on the table. Might have had something to do with it.

Head blonde Kristi!

The Arctic Blondes

Hostesses in silver lame mini skirts! No one had seen my legs in years.


The idea of it totally cracked me up!
Moonlady gets glossed! Lipgloss, that is.


We nature blondes clean up real nice.

The Decor

Enter through the silver tinsel curtain.


Snowflakes! (The decor is actually silver and white, just photographed weird.)


Snow on the summer altar!


Tinsel, baby!


A winter mantle.


Kristi’s snow family.


Part of my snowman collection. The back ones are animated! I’m told the left one is not a moose, but a fat Rudolph. It will always be a moose to me.


Even the black marble bathroom got decorated.


The Rain Porch

Not enough light on the rain porch for photos, but we did manage to fire off a couple of sparklers which helped.


Ooooh, the colors of hippie haven…