Amy at Texas Faith: A cup of coffee and other holy rituals

Texas Faith: A cup of coffee and other holy rituals

AMY MARTIN, President Emeritus – Earth Rhythms
When I wake in the morning and go outside, my first thought is that I live on a planet. I remind myself that it’s where I live, on a spinning sphere of rock zooming around a star, which is zipping around the center of our galaxy, which itself is hurtling through an infinite universe. That is God’s ‘hood. The divine exists everywhere, and we are always at its center.

Join me in letting that be your focus in the morning, even just for a moment, when you feed the birds, fetch the paper or take out the trash. Stop and look up! Does it not make our triumphs and turmoils seem conflated? Does not the majesty of such a divine manifest — this infinite celestial fusion endless creating and recreating itself and forming the atoms that make us in the process — teach us humility?

Leave this world of human travail. Seek the source. Step with me into the light each day and stop our business for 60 simple seconds. Let us look at the Sun and understand that it is our star, at the perfect size and distance to give us the perfect warmth and light. Then feel the Earth beneath our feet that provides air and water essential to life. Know that we, as upward-standing human beings, are the connection nexus.

Stand beneath our star and breathe in with me. Feel your tailbone move slightly downward, tapping into the gravity that tethers us to the world. Pause your breath for a moment and feel in that emptiness the pure potential of life. Breathe out and feel the magnetism emanating from the molten iron core, pass through the Earth, through our bodies. Those magnetic rays infuse us as they shoot out past the stratosphere to form the magnetosphere shielding our planet from the immense amount of cosmic debris the universe flings about. At that moment, know that you are home.