2015 Earth, Cosmos & Life Calendar

An absolute stellar year with many Moons and holidays that occur on weekends, and several great convergences.

  • An Imbolc/Candlemas/Groundhog Day Full Moon, a Spring Equinox New Moon, a Beltane Full Moon, and a Full Moon Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • The biggest convo of them all in Sept: Supermoon – Full Harvest Moon – and a Lunar Eclipse in the perfect hours of 7 pm to midnight.

Moons in blue ~ seasons in green ~  astro signs in violet ~ (14 Cancer = 14 degrees in the sign of Cancer)



notes: Full Moon weekend

Jan 1 Thur              New Year’s Day

Jan 4 Sun                Full Moon     14 Cancer

Jan 19 Mon             Martin Luther King Day

Jan 20 Tue              Sun enters Aquarius (3:43 am EST)

Jan 21 Wed             Mercury retrograde in Aquarius until Feb 11

Jan 20 Tue              New Moon    0 Aquarius    Supermoon



notes: Candlemas on a Sunday; weekend Imbolc


Feb 1 Sun                 Imbolc, Candlemas (also observed on Feb 2)

Feb 2 Mon               Groundog Day

Feb 3 Tue                 Full Moon   14 Leo

Feb 14 Sat                Valentine’s Day

Feb 16 Mon             President’s Day

Feb 18 Wed              New Moon    29 Aquarius (Supermoon; Chinese New Year, Imbolc New Moon )

Feb 18 Wed              Sun enters Pisces (5:50 pm CDT)



notes: New Moon coincides with Spring Equinox

March 5 Thur         Full Moon     14 Virgo  (Holi)

March 8 Sun          Daylight Saving Time begins 2:00 am

March 8 Sun           International Women’s Day

March 17 Tue          St Patrick’s Day

March 20 Fri          New Moon     29 Pisces  (Supermoon; Total Solar Eclipse, not visible in US)

March 20 Fri          Spring Equinox/Ostara. Sun enters Aries (5:45 pm CDT)



notes: Full and New Moons fall on weekends

April 1 Wed            April Fools Day

April 5 Sun             Easter

April 4 Sat               Full Moon     14 Libra  (Total Lunar Eclipse visible 4 am to 6 am CDT moonset)

April 18 Sat             New Moon     28 Aries

April 20 Mon          Sun enters Taurus (4:42 am CDT)

April 22 Wed           Earth Day



notes: Beltane and Full Moon are close and fall on the same weekend

May 1 Fri                 Beltane

May 3 Sun               Full Moon    13 Scorpio (Wesak, Beltane Full Moon)

May 10 Sun             Mother’s Day

May 18 Mon            New Moon     26 Taurus

May 18 Mon           Mercury retrograde in Gemini until June 11

May 21 Thur           Sun enters Gemini (3:45 am CDT)

May 25 Mon           Memorial Day



notes:  Summer Solstice falls on a weekend; Father’s Day and Summer Solstice coincide

June 2 Tue              Full Moon     11 Sagittarius

June 16 Tue            New Moon     25 Gemini

June 21 Sun            Summer Solstice/Litha. Sun enters Cancer (11:38 am CDT)

June 21 Sun            Father’s Day



notes: Full Moon weekend

July 1 Wed              Full Moon      11 Sagittarius

July 4 Sat                Independence Day

July 15 Wed            New Moon    23 Cancer

July 22 Wed           Sun enters Leo (10:30 pm CDT)

July 31 Fri              Full Moon     7 Aquarius (blue Moon; Lammas Full Moon)



notes: Lammas, Full and New Moons fall on weekends

Aug 1 Sat                 Lughnassadh/Lammas (also observed on Aug 2)

Aug 14 Fri               New Moon      21 Leo

Aug 23 Sun             Sun enters Virgo (5:37 am CDT)

Aug 26 Wed            Women’s Voting Right Day

Aug 29 Sat              Full Moon     6 Pisces



notes: Full and New Moons fall on weekends; Supermoon Harvest Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse

Sept 7 Mon               Labor Day

Sept 13 Sun             New Moon      20 Virgo  (Solar Eclipse; not visible in US)

Sept 17                     Mercury retrograde in Libra until Oct 9

Sept 23 Wed            Fall Equinox/Mabon. Sun enters Libra (3:21 am CDT)

Sept 27 Sun             Full Moon     4 Aries  (Supermoon Harvest Moon; Total Lunar Eclipse (7 pm to 12:20 am Mon)



notes: Samhain/Halloween falls on a weekend

Oct 12 Mon              Columbus Day

Oct 12 Mon              New Moon      19 Libra

Oct 23 Fri                Sun enters Scorpio (12:47 pm CDT)

Oct 27 Tues             Full Moon       3 Taurus

Oct 31 Sat                Samhain/Halloween


notes: Full Moon and Thanksgiving Day coincide

Nov 1 Sun               Daylight Saving Time ends, 2:00 am

Nov 1 Sun               All Saints’ Day

Nov 2 Mon              All Souls’ Day/Day of the Dead

Nov 11 Wed             New Moon     19 Scorpio (Divali, Samhain New Moon)

Nov 22 Sun             Sun enters Sagittarius (9:25 am EST)

Nov 25 Wed            Full Moon        3 Gemini

Nov 26 Thur           Thanksgiving Day



notes: Full and New Moons and Virgin of Tepeyac/Guadelupe Day fall on weekends; Full Moon Christmas

Dec 11 Fri                 New Moon    19 Sagittarius

Dec 12 Sat                Virgin of Tepeyac/Guadelupe Day

Dec 21 Mon              Winter Solstice/Yule. Sun enters Capricorn (10:48 pm CST)

Dec 25 Fri                Full Moon     3 Cancer

Dec 25 Fri                Christmas Day



Compiled by Elizabeth Hazel, astrologer-tarotist at ehazel@bex.net

Modified by Amy Martin www.Moonlady.com