For sale: Kitchenwares

Sold a rarely visited rural cabin. Have several barely used things for sale. Private message through Facebook, Nextdoor or website if interested. Also posted on OfferUp and 5Miles, so move fast. Location in Eastlake near Peavy and Lake Highlands.

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  • Cooking Ware
  • Serving Ware
  • Preparation
  • Textiles

Cooking Ware

Anodized 12-inch sautepan w nonstick surface – $14

Good shape. Retails $30



8-inch frypan by Mirro – $5

Barely used. Retails $10



Serving Ware

40 piece white ceramic dinner set from Libertyware – $100

10 settings of plate, bowl, saucer, cup. Thick and sturdy, great for offices and dorms. Excellent extra set for parties, blends with everything. Retails $220.



18 piece golden ceramic dinner set from CorsicaHome – $40

8 settings of square plate and 8 oz bowl, plus two 16 oz bowls.



4 tall 16 oz glasses – $6

4 short 10 oz glasses – $4

Very stable, weighted bases, hard to tip over.



Mr & Mrs blue art martini glasses – $5 for set


modern art martini glasses – $8 for set



heavy glass goblets – $3 each

Left is lightly etched. Middle is large and super stable. Right is embossed with fishes.



2 qt white ceramic pitcher – $5

Slightly chipped on pouring lip. Use for liquids, storing utensils on countertop, decor.



napkin holder w white marble base – $5

Classy. Heavy, stable.




Aroma 6-Cup Pot-Style Rice Cooker – $10

Prepares up to 6 cups cooked rice (3 cups uncooked) perfectly. Also for soups, slow cooks. Easy-to-clean, non-stick removable inner pot. Full-view tempered glass lid.  Includes rice measuring cup. Never used. Retails $20.



Scrapers for bread makers and food processors – $4

5 specialty shapes.



1 qt & 1 cup measuring cups by Anchor Hocking – $7

Super sturdy. Barely used. Retails $15.



2 loose-leaf tea strainers – $3 each

Holds a lot of tea, screw off strainer bottom. Includes resting saucer.



Preparation: Cleaning

black plastic drainer tray – $4



stainless steel and lucite sponge and brush holder & vegetable brush – $7

Class up your sink.




Golden yellow kitchen towels & mitt – $15

3 plain cotton, 1 light floral pattern, 1 mitt. Cotton. Barely used.



green cooking apron – $5

Cotton with no-stick finish. Two deep pockets.


Amy Martin

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