The Moonlady Holiday Compilation: Thanksgiving

The Moonlady Holiday Compilation:


by Amy Martin


How To Celebrate Thanksgivukkah, The Best Holiday Of All Time

Thanksgiving, Hanukkah overlap in unprecedented calendar oddity  by Jeffrey Weiss

The True Meaning of Thanksgivukkah by Yaira A. Robinson

Thanksgivukkah by Wikipedia



Gratitude by Wikipedia

Gratitude Tools from BeliefNet: Count Your Blessings

Thanksgiving Prayers and Blessings with slide show

The Seven Best Gratitude Quotes

Spirituality & Practice: Gratitude

Interfaith Thanksgiving: A Story of Gratitude and Self-Balancing Acts





The Oatmeal compares Thanksgiving as a kid and as an adult

Thanksgiving By The Numbers by The Onion

Larry David’s Thanksgiving Rant


Letting Go and Letting Gratitude by Rev Eric Folkerth

The Power of Gratitude by Oprah Radio host Michael Losier

Thanksgiving Poem by Poet Joy Harjo

A Readable Feast: Poems To Feed ‘The Hungry Ear’



On Gratitude by Peter Morales

Texas Faith panel on gratitude (none from me, alas, too busy with WinSols stuff)

Buddhist Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Thanksgiving Skies by Dr. Tony Phillips

Texas history shows a whole ‘nuther Thanksgiving by Bud Kennedy

Gratitude Journal – Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach

A Thanksgiving Prayer by William S. Burroughs

Thanksgivine – It’s Not That Simple by MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry

Giving Thanks by Donna Henes



Standing Up to Black Friday by Eric Folkerth

Your Shopping Guide To Stores That Won’t Ruin Their Workers’ Thanksgivings



The GRATiDUDES: To bring families and communities together through conscious media and humour, to raise awareness about individual and global issues, and provide real solutions in a fun playful way.

Network for Grateful Living: A worldwide community of grateful people, and this website is its online hub. facilitates community interaction by providing a set of practices and tools for cultivating gratefulness.

Go Gratitude: Gratitude is the Master Key that opens all doors of possibility.  Chances are you’ll begin noticing the Gratitude symbol everywhere. When you do, it’s a sign that you are on the right track and a signal to tap into Gratitude.

Gratitude Log: The community for spreading gratitude and appreciation. Open to shiny, happy people, businesses, and organizations the world over.

The Gratitude Campaign: The sign we are using is intended to communicate “thank you from the bottom of my heart.”



I Give Thanks by Eric Folkerth

Thanksgiving Prayer by Johnny Cash

The Martyr of Black Friday by Eric Folkerth



TEDxSF – Louie Schwartzberg – Gratitude

Gratitude HD – Moving Art

The Gratitude Dance

Gratitude as the Master Key