Women’s Red New Moon – 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit

Women’s Red New Moon – 2023 

Year of the Water Rabbit

For the first time in 3 years, we gathered at my abode. So wonderful to see everyone in person again. We attuned with the New Moon in grand style: breathing, dancing, chanting, and reveling in smoke prayers. So grateful for your participation. The house is still awash in warm, red, healing energy. Sally licked many plates; made her day!

Deep gratitude for the help setting up, the wonderful food, and your kind donations. Extra thanks to Ella for the sacred veils, Dianne for the delightful altar, and Eileen for her deep embodied ceremony.

Photos by Cindy F, Deborah M, Dianne, Dragonfly, Ella, Martha, Stephanie, and me.

Indoor Ceremony with Eileen 

Outdoor Ceremony with Amy: Smudging 





Outdoor Ceremony with Amy: Smoke Prayers  

Outdoor Ceremony with Amy: Birthing Canal  

Socializing with Everyone