Oak Cliff Preserve: 121 acres of serenity & over eight miles of multi-use hike and bike trails ~ Dallas S.


Oak Cliff Preserve | Dallas County | Open to the Public

Acres: 121
Year Acquired: 1999
Conservation Values: Urban green space, riparian area
Location: 2875 Pierce St  Dallas, TX 75233 FIND ME ON A MAP 

The 121-acre Oak Cliff Preserve is an oasis of green space located right in the middle of urban Dallas.

The property was given to the Boy Scouts by Mr. Wirt Davis in the late 1970s and became Camp Brooklawn.  Later, the Boy Scouts moved to Camp Wisdom.  For three years the land was unused, which suited the neighbors just fine.  David Marquis, active with the local home owners association, was alerted in 1999 that the property was being sold for home sites. David and Michael Jung (the homeowners’ attorney and later a member of TLC’s board) worked with developers to secure protection of the natural area forever.

One of Texas Land Conservancy’s key partnerships is with the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association (DORBA).  DORBA trail steward Paul “Shadow” Johns approached TLC in 2006 about creating multi-use hike and bike trails on the preserve.   One of TLC’s major concerns was the potential impact the trails may have on the soils, plants, and wild animals at the preserve.   After showing proper care and environmental sensitivity in trail design, DORBA was given the go-ahead to begin trail development in the northwestern portion of the preserve.  The southern portion of the preserve, including the riparian area along Five Mile Creek, will remain undeveloped by trails.  In addition to building hike and bike trails and keeping an eye on the preserve, DORBA volunteers have even hauled off a dumpster container full of trash that had been dumped on the preserve many years ago.

Today, over eight miles of multi-use hike and bike trails course through the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve (details).   Bird and plant enthusiasts, bicycle riders of all ages, and those just wishing for peace and quiet visit the preserve to connect with nature.

Two Eagle Scout projects are in the works at the preserve.  One project, the development and installation of signage describing significant geologic and aquatic features as well as plant names, is in the works for early 2008.   The other project consists of constructing benches to be placed in scenic areas such as wildflower meadows and deciduous woodlands.

Caution should be taken when visiting any natural area, but this is especially true when visiting natural areas nestled within urban settings. Recommended precautions include locking your car, hiding all valuables, taking your keys with you and being vigilant of your surroundings. If you are hiking any preserve at dusk or after sunset, please be extremely careful.At Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, we are taking measures to increase public safety. We recently placed a gate at the entrance that allows bicycle and pedestrian access, but not car access. This will prevent criminal elements from parking in the recesses of the parking lot where they cannot be seen. DORBA has also cleared much of the vegetation near the parking lot so that it can be seen from Pierce Street. When the gate is closed, please park on Pierce or Saner Streets.

Improvements are ongoing and TLC is currently raising funds for the Preserve. One of our improvements will be replacing the fence around the parking area and eastern border. By increasing protection for the preserve through the gate and fence, we aim to discourage any criminal activity. The gate will be open during special events, but even when the gate is closed the preserve is always open to passive recreational activities such as: mountain biking, hiking, running, photography, and bird watching.

With special thanks to DORBA, the Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association, for all their hard work at Oak Cliff Nature Preserve!

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